Thursday, May 17, 2012

Two more GLBT shorts: "Who We Are" and "The Burning Boy"; (also, a belated bonus, "Basketball and Math")

Who We Are”, by Sean Willis,  is an 18 minute short film (2010) in which a fundamentalist pastor’s son Connor (Justin Fix) befriends a gay teen Alex (Taylor Caldwell) and agrees to help with an event with the school Gay-Straight Alliance.  Connor has to deal with his own feelings, and when Alex is beat up in a convenience store, a real crisis will happen for Connor’s father, who can’t even see why bullying is wrong.

It struck me that I would have been utterly incapable of having that pastor’s life and family, constructed around such beliefs and the demands they make on others.

There’s a great song, “At the end of the day, all we have is who we are”. It sounds familiar and has a cheery lilt.
Another interesting short is “The Burning Boy” (2001, Ireland), by Vizpoets and Kerian Galvin, with Cameron Ford (Ben) and Josh Roberts (Chill).  A straight teen and gay teen go on a swim, and then on a day hike to a cabin on a heath.  The straight teen opens up somewhat, and there is a little intimacy, and then an accident that sets the cabin on fire.  Is the boy who escapes a coward?

Link is here.

And here's a bonus (May 25), call it a "short film #3" if you like: "Basketball and Mathematics" ("Basket et Maths"), by Rodolphe Marconi, has a teenage basketball player in an upper class "ecole" fall for his math tutor, and his mother is indifferent. The youtube tranfer is fuzzy, link.  

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