Friday, May 25, 2012

Some samples from "48 Hour Film Project", 2012

I didn’t make it to the DC 48 Hour Film Project recap (the finalists were shown at AFI Silver last night), so I picked three 2012 films from three cities.

From the Cleveland project, I found Dustin Lee’s film, “Transistor”, filmed in Kent and Parma, Ohio, by Maple Films.  The required line seems to be “Nothing is Mundane”.  A young woman, stilling living a home, is bothered by hearing static and voices wherever she is, even in her office cubicle.  It comes off her cell phone, her car radio, an old radio found in the woods.  Finally a young man who knows something about this shows up.

The link is here.   Ohio is pushing film hard as a possible source of jobs in a recession. 

From the Miami project, I found "Mayanetics", by Sean Biffar and John Hunt, Miami, with script line “Some people like it that way” with prop of sunglasses.  This is a short documentary about a fictitious cult religion, as people sleep out on the "South Beach" and wait for a shaman to appear. He does, and is a bit underwhelming.  The young people on the beach, including a guy who doesn't walk on cracks, look like the real gods. 

From Las Vegas, I found the black and white silent short,  “The Grimace” from “Memory Loss Filmz” (sic), by Levi Velasquez  Steve Suarez.  A “joker” trolls the hallways and stalks the staff of a public school, and the film shows nothing that looks like the “Cibola” we know.  Link is here.

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