Monday, May 28, 2012

Laurent Bouhnik goes "all the way" in his new "Q Desire"

There is a new, explicit film by Laurent Bouhnik, titled simply “Desire”, with the DVD due from Strand Releasing on June 5.

In an unspecified town on the  Mediterranean coast of France, Cecile (Deborah Revy) experiences the loss of her father, who had been ambiguous and then supportive of her need for freedom. She throws herself into the lives of several teenagers, most notably Matt (Gowan Didi), and finds that only full “physicality” gives her any sense of meaning.  To set the tone of her life, she finds an urn for her father’s ashes in a bar.

In the notes for the DVD screener, the director is quite candid about his belief in the need for physical fulfillment.  The film is quite explicit (with “everything”), from the very opening;  the characters are impetuous, with their smoking, sometimes reckless driving (Matt gets struck by a car but is OK), and their need for adventure.  The film does present lesbian encounters, but all the men are interested in “straight” objectives only (even if blindfolded).  Some of the group scenes are shot in black-and-white and various sepias or colorizing of only certain objects. 

Given the male need for “aggression” in many scenes, I wondered, when I was younger, could I have ever proved myself “worthy”?

The film is also known as “Q” (the title on imdb). But remember, "Q" was the name of the all-knowing older godfather in the James Bond movies. 

Strand's official site is here

The film is not officially rated, but definitely would fall into the NC-17 area.  But that’s OK.  We need a respectable category of film just for grownups.

YouTube trailer from “FilmsActu”:

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