Sunday, May 13, 2012

"Last Call at the Oasis" is a somewhat scattered look at the coming water crisis

Remember the 2000 film “Erin Brokovich” with Julia Roberts (20th Century Fox, Steven Soderbergh) about her battle over  underground water pollution (by “hexavalent chromium”) with PGEC around the town of Hinkley, CA in the Mojave Desert? Picture below (mine) is near Hinkley and Barstow.

She’s back, as herself, updating the same issue in “Last Call at the Oasis”, a new documentary from Jessica Lu (Participant, and Art Takes Over).  The film also documents similar pollution issues around Midland, TX, and earlier, the coming water shortage for the entire Southwest, centered around the profligacy of Las Vegas (or “Cibola” in Stephen King’s talk).  The film covers a controversy over building a water pipeline from Baker, NV to Las Vegas (news coverage link).

The later part of the documentary covers the group Friends of Earth Middle East (link), which may be the only group which actively succeeds in promoting peace in the area.  Representatives of the group were present for a Q and A at Landmark E Street on Saturday, May 12.

The narrative progression of the film seems a bit random, bit the scenery is impressive.

"Peak water" is not quite like peak oil, because water is supposed to be renewable.  The film pointed out the tremendous energy resources needed for desalination plants (and the likelihood of increasing CO2 levels). 

The official site is here

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