Thursday, May 10, 2012

Kane Hodder really is prolific with his "roles"; example, "B.T.K."

Occasionally, a gratuitous film will have some redeeming scenes, and that is the case with “B.T.K.” (dir. Michael Feifer), a “biography” of Dennis Rader, played by utility actor Kane Hodder.   The 40-something church lay officer, Boy Scout troop commander and steadily married father of two daughters had a horrific other life, which leads him to say toward the end of this 85-minute film that he’s “not human”.  (Hodder played Jason in “Friday the 13th.”

In a family showdown, just before his impending apprehension, one of his daughters tells him off, but mom (Amy Lyndon) lectures the daughter, “he’s still your father”.  “No he’s not”, the daughter says. He had always complained that they weren’t boys.

The true story takes place in eastern Kansas, and there’s a scene with a sign “Kansas City, 25 Miles”, with desert mountains in the background, which is, of course, geographically wrong.   Rader carries out a lot of his dastardly deeds by posing as a copy himself, giving people frivolous parking tickets.

The DVD, distributed by Lionsgate (2008), is one of a series of similar films from Barnholz Entertainment. The letters in the title make an acronym, which need not be repeated here. 

Here’s an hour-long interview with the actor from “This Week”.

Picture: Flint Hills, Kansas (mine, 2006). 

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