Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Gay comedy asks if a "date" is really an "interview" ("A Four Letter Word")

According to the goofball comedy by Casper Andreas, “A Four Letter Word” (TLA Releasing and Embrem Entertainment, 2007), “date” is a “four letter word” for “interview”.  Later, the script makes a similar observation about “love”.  That's more than friendship.

I recall my last year living in New York City (1978), and I think there could be a couple people who remember me from that period (I was turning 35 then) who might have found “dates” with me like “interviews”.

The film centers “largely” around a sometimes androgynous character named Luke (Jesse Archer), always outwitting his friends verbally, until he meets  a charismatic Stephen, played by Charlie David, a lead in the recent “Judas Kiss” (June 4, 2011 here).  Charlie looks a bit “younger” in this movie – whether that’s deliberate, or because this movie was shot five years earlier is hard to say.  Some of the antics take place in the "novelty" shop where Luke works for Zeke (Cory Grant), who takes the solidarity aspects of gay liberation very seriously).  Does Luke even have enough self-discipline to hold down this kind of job?
The other part of the plot involves an AA group and a sex addicts group, both of which enforce the custom of introducing yourself as “I am an …”, and requiring a unison “hello”.

The official site is here

YouTube trailer from the film’s producers.  “Let the manhunt begin!”   (Remember “Social Network”: “let the hacking begin.”)  Another good line is, "Lose a button, make a friend". 

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