Monday, May 14, 2012

"Drama Camp" is Brocka's fourth in a series: familiar "direction"

Q. Allan Brocka has a fourth installment in his notorious and flippant gay comedy series, this time (2011), “Eating Out: Drama Camp”, from Ariztical. 

This time, the boys and girls (and mixtures) go to a rural drama camp, somewhere in the Sierra foothills, to get the chance to explore their fantasies in Shakespeare adaptations and other plays.  At the end, there will be a competition. And proprietor Dick Dickey (Drew Dodge) has an inflexible rule, that sounds like it belongs in the Crew Club, “no sex.”

The “guests” say three to a cabin, in twin beds, but there’s plenty of experience having straight and openly gay men room together.  That puts pressure on the “straight men.”

The “exercises”, of learning to perform intimately with other actors beyond one’s personal choices, prove too challenge to one poor guy, who throws up on his partner.

Nevertheless, the Shakespeare provides ample opportunity, toward the end, for some real intimacy, directed in stages (imitating a similar scene in Brocka’s first film in 2004).  The participants get caught, but then it’s possible to “blackmail” Drew with his own hypocrisy.

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