Friday, May 11, 2012

The concept of "11/11/11" and "the bad seed" don't add up

There have been plenty of movies about the “bad seed” concept (including the original in 1956), but the horror film “11/11/11” from “The Asylum”  (a “B movie” video distributor, link) tries to combine this idea with the “end of the world.”  It’s not too engaging. The film is directed by Keith Allan and was apparently available about the same time as “Melancholia”, if only by coincidence.

Jack and Melissa Vales (John Briddell and Erin Croker) move into a quaint Florida (I think) neighborhood, just before their son Nathan (Hayden Byerly) is to have his eleventh birthday on that date.  Almost immediately, horrible accidents start all over the neighborhood (or as in that commercial for Mucinex, “There goes the neighborhood!”)    The realtor can’t explain why the numbers “111111” are engraved in a wall in the house. 
Pretty soon the script gives us silly lines about how numbers can add up to 11.

Melissa has medical problems with her pregnancy, and is put on absolute bed rest.  That point, that this sort of thing happens to families, is well taken.  But insurance will pay for the nanny for their home-schooled son (I doubt many health insurance companies really will do that).  But soon Jack has to fire the nanny and get her arrested, not realizing that the problem really could be with his son.  Every parent wants his firstborn to turn out to be Clark Kent -- perfect, and gifted -- but sometimes there's too much red kryptonite around.  

About an hour into this 90-minute film, we’re treated to this coven of witches, who ride incognito in black limousines (not going to gay bars), and we realize that apocalypse will happen indeed unless Jack plays hero.
I think the concept of an approaching rogue planet or brown dwarf is a lot more interesting than the “coven” approach.

There are other films on imdb with this title, which seems rather popular.

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