Wednesday, January 04, 2012

"Denied" presents a "bisexual" man, but in a rather monotonous setting

Once again, I found another little film about a gay man falling for an ambiguous “straight” man. This movie is “Denied” (2004), written and directed by David Scott. 

Troy (Lee Rumohr), having graduated from high school and looking forward to blue collar life in small town Ontario, invites his straight best friend Merrick (Matt Austin) to move in.  Over the course of the film, Merrick’s own identity becomes pliable, after asserting himself, in a confrontation, that everyone is immutable in this regard (using some rather specific language).

But unlike “Old Joy”, which takes us on an outdoor ("Brokeback-like") journey, “Denied” stays indoors mostly, avoiding the Canadian climate, and jogs in place. The film is rather amateurish technically, with the substandard lighting badly undermining some of the nighttime scenes. 

I had a couple of “crushes” on “straight men” before my “Second Coming” in the 1970s.  I can remember a few encounters where more could have happened, including one particular spring evening in a northern Virginia townhouse in 1972 when the wife was away. 

I think both men need to move to Vancouver (and make more movies), not just Toronto. 

The film is distributed by Ariztical.

Insiders Health video on “Bisexual men do exist”:

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