Sunday, January 15, 2012

"Bridesmaids" set to frolic at the Golden Globes; it doesn't help "straight" marriage

Even before “Melancholia”, Hollywood seemed to like botched or compromised weddings, especially in the year that William and Catherine tied the knot.  In the spring, a rather long and bloated comedy, “Bridesmaids” (directed by Paul Feig, produced in part by Judd Apatow), from Universal and Relativity, became all the rage, and is getting a lot of attention at the Golden Globes.

Annie (Kirsten Wiig) is invited to become the maid of honor for the wedding of “best” friend Lillian (Maya Rudolph).  In the situation comedy to follow, a lot of jealousies grow, especially from Helen (Rose Byrne). In the scramble that follows, Annie develops a “relationship” with a cop (Chris O’Dowd) who stops her for a broken tail light;  a salmonella vomit-fest occurs (anticipating Polanski’s “Carnage”), and Annie, refusing to let her rival buy her a first class airline ticket, goes bonkers and gets kicked off a plane, which has to land in Wyoming. (Something like this really happened in 2001, shortly before 9/11.)  Then she gets kicked out of the bridal shower itself.

At least there’s no Brown Dwarf approaching and threatening to swallow up the earth anyway. And there’s no music by Wagner, but a great lilt in the 20 or so songs that play (“Rip her to shreds”, “Hold out for one more day”. 

Sister Brynn is played by Rebel Wilson, who looks like a younger Kathy Bates.

This movie will do the institution of heterosexual marriage as much good as did “Melancholia”.

 Maybe we should watch MGM’s 1954 frolic “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.”

By the way, Annie is supposed to live in Wisconsin (like angels Matt Damon and Ben Affleck in "Dogma"), and to its credit, some of the film was shot there. 

Official site is here.You can rent the movie from YouTube online for $3.99. 

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