Friday, December 02, 2011

"Game of your Life": a kid in a video-game summer camp finds a real "conflict of interest"

Tonight NBC presented a “Walmart PG Family Movie” from writer/director John Kent Harrison, Rosemont Pictures (and “IamRogue?”), “Game of your Life”.  Titus Makin, Jr. plays a college freshman  Zach who gets an internship in a summer camp to work in dorm-live-in teams with other students to design video games.  His widower father (with whom he plays a game of checkers (not chess) in an early scene) is in financial trouble over a subprime mortgage and unemployment.  The summer camp requires that kids not accept any outside employment as part of a “conflict-of-interest” clause. When a shady investor (Marcus Bentton) approaches Zach about a lucrative gaming contract, a conflict develops, and for a while, Zach gives into temptation.

The gaming environment was to be a mixture of Second Life and Facebook, with avatars building circles or preferred lists of friends, and a variety of shadow-motion games.   (I once subbed in a technology class where some kids were playing shadow tennis, and others were writing java code for it.) 

Was the “conflict of interest” real?  I once had such a workplace conflict that I have sometimes discussed on these blogs – it wasn’t real to everyone, but it created a serious crisis in 1999. And mine was more related to a specific political issue. 

Curiously, I can’t find this film on imdb yet.  Other kids' parts are play by Nathan Kress, Adam Kagley, and Dana De La Garza.  In the film, as on many campuses, the "kids" have a place in enforcing the honor code and conflict of interest rules. 

Here is the site for the film. 

First picture: robotics display at the Yotel, 10th Ave. and 42nd St, NYC.  

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