Sunday, November 06, 2011

"Be Mine" is light fluff as gay romantic comedy

Ariztical offers another little gay comedy, “Be Mine” (2009), directed by Dave Padilla and Steven Vasquez, with production companies Hollywoodland and RBM, filmed largely in Long Beach, CA, 70 min.

Dan Selon plays Mayson, a shy young man who would just as soon not be pushed into social situations. But Robyn (Kendra Thomas) jumps on him when he ogles at another man at a library, and pretty soon is pushing him to go to parties and find a date.

In fact, he is the unknown admirer of Reiley (Jared Welch).  The party occurs, and the film starts to build up some tension between them, which it continually disrupts.  (The director overlooks the idea, let the other person do it.) Then Mayson has too much to drink and, when prodded, does some drugs.  Reiley “takes care” of him when he gets sick at the party.  What should be an embarrassing faux pas turns out to be the ticket to a first real kiss, while still in young manhood.

I’m reminded of WB’s goofy high school comedy from 1999, “Never Been Kissed”. 

My own joke in AP chemistry class in high school in 1961 had been “don’t kiss her on the lips”.

Here is the official site

Picture: no, not the film, a Halloween Party (fits "The Three Musketeers"). 

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