Saturday, October 01, 2011

"The Lost Coast": low key LGBT drama refers to several more famous films, genres

The little indie film “The Lost Coast”, directed by Gabriel Fleming (Breaking Glass Pictures, 2008) offers another example of layered storytelling.

Jasper (Ian Scott McGregor) who honestly believes he is fundamentally “straight”, is emailing his girl friend about a Halloween night “walkabout” he and some friends had in San Francisco, both indoors (costume parties) and out in the “parklands”.

Much of the film seems to unfold that night in “real time”, but Jasper is forced to deal with an earlier encounter he once had with Mark (Lucas Alifano) along a deserted stretch of northern California coast, perhaps recreating the mood of Hitchcock’s famous “Bodega Bay” which I actually visited in 1995 (from “The Birds”). Pretty soon, the experiences merge into a continuity that transcends time.

There's another interesting visual concept: the girl friend wears her Halloween mask, backward, everywhere. 

One could say that in this film, elements of “Brokeback Mountain” merge with those of “Gossip Girl”.

Here's the official site, and here  the BG e-commerce site. It won awards at the SXSW Film Festival. 

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