Saturday, October 29, 2011

Little film "Shut Up and Kiss Me" examines gay relationships, but characters lack charisma

I like GLBT movies where the characters develop “relationshps”, gradually and slowly first; but the characters themselves need to have some real charisma and not talk too analytically.

Ben (Ronnie Kerr), after a comic dressing down on talk show, has reached his life’s midpoint at 35 and wants a real relationship, with some conservative values.  We’ve heard that before. But he gets his chance when he meets Grey (Scott Gabelein), in the little dramedy by Devin Hamilton, “Shut Up and Kiss Me”, from Ariztical.
There is some important stuff.  Grey is HIV+ with zero viral load.  He’s honest enough about that. But he also admits to flings, which doesn’t suit Ben, with his Log Cabin Republicans philosophy, too well.

The movie borders on outright flippancy early. Grey says he likes kids if he can give ‘em back. (Well?)
There’s a line where a female character talks gratuitously about what Facebook is for, and how she manipulates her “reputation”.  I think Facebook is for better use than she gives it credit for.

There’s some other funny scenes, like the pooch who eats a condom.  (I like those wild animals in the yard when they remember me but I don’t have to take care of them.)

There’s even a shrink’s couch.  Is “honesty more important than monogamy?” Well, it's a puzzlement.

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