Wednesday, October 05, 2011

"39 Pounds of Love": story of a journey of a young man with severe muscular dystrophy, to meet those with no faith

Ami Ankilewitz was born in Texas, from an Israeli family, with a rare form of muscular dystrophy, which led his doctor to predict he could not live past 6.

But at 34, weighing all of 39 pounds, he can use a computer and has become articulate, and he wants to make amends with the doctor and brother, both in the US. “39 Pounds of Love”, directed by Dani Menkin, for HBO Cinemax (2005) tells the story of his journey (from Israel) to LA, then to Dallas to see his brother, and to San Antonio and eventually Florida to find the doctor.

The film embellishes the story telling with some clever animation, showing Ami’s imaginary world.
Ami also has a male caregiver, and the DVD has a deleted scene showing the interviewing for this sensitive position.

Here’s the official site

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