Thursday, September 15, 2011

"The Rage of Placid Lake": do some people really want to wear suits and sell insurance? Look at the Rage IN Placid Lake, a real (made-up) person!

The little Aussie satire “The Rage in Placid Lake” certainly walks us through the land of conformity, Babbit-Sinclair Lewis style. (Or perhaps I think of “The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit”. )  Note the preposition. "Placid Lake" is not "Lake Placid NY". 

Nerdy Placid Lake (Ben Lee) is the butt of teasing and jokes, and even tries to bite back a bit when one of his tormentors is gay. But he imagines he can fly, and winds up in a body cast.

Then he decides he can put on a suit and lead a conventional life, selling insurance for “Icarus”.  His mimicry conformity so alarms everyone that his Dad would hire a deprogrammer. And his girl friend Gemma (Rose Byrne) resists his sell out.

I certainly am reminded of my own post-career, where I got unsolicited calls to become a life insurance agent, “instead of” a writer (or blogger).

Directed by Tony McNamara, the film (2003) is distributed by Film Movement.

The DVD includes a short “At Dawning”, directed by Martin Jones (12 min). It’s like a dream. A woman (Jenny Agutter) wakes up in a London flat after a one night stand and wants to go home. Trouble is, an ex (Yan Attal) hangs from a tree outside, with his baby and another girl friend upstairs.  And she just wants to get out of things.  

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