Monday, September 19, 2011

"Don't Ask Don't Tell", based on Marc Wolf's "Another American: Asking and Telling" is becoming available on Web; to be shown Sept. 20

I received a tweet this morning from “We Ask They Told” announcing the availability of the independent film “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” from producer Vuguru and Decoupage, on a site called Snag Films, sponsored by Goldmann Sachs.  Imdb lists the director as John Walsh.

The basic link is here.

The first of 11 parts, about 10 minutes, plays. The other parts right now give a “not available” from AOL.  I will monitor and watch the remaining segments as soon as possible.

Snag says that the film will be shown on Comcast Xfinity and Verizon FIOS Tuesday night Sept. 20, but that is during the planned celebrations, but I suppose the film will be shown in person at some of the celebrations.

The opening segment shows Marc Wolf, in a monologue, sometimes sitting at a table, in a barracks room where the bunks have been stripped down to box springs, talking about the issue of “privacy” or prudishness in the barracks, which Sam Nunn and Charles Moskos had originally brought up in 1993 early in the debate after Bill Clinton proposed lifting the ban.  He also plays on Bill Clinton’s “Don’t Pursue” (from his July 19, 1993 speech at Fort McNair), preferring instead “Don’t Seek” as more “Anglo-Saxon”.

I saw the entire play “Another American: Asking and Telling”  in late April 2000 at the Studio Theater in Washington DC during the “Millennium March” weekend.   (Later that weekend there would occur an “Equality Rocks” concert at RFK Stadium, where I would see Keith Meinhold.)  In the play, Wolf emulates a number of the cases, such as Miriam Ben-Shalom in the early 1980s, during the “absolute ban” dating back to 1981.

Chapter 1 of the film is also available on Marc Wolf’s website here

I’ll report more on this film as soon as I can see it in full or get it to play on my computer. The producers would do well to make this film available for Instant Play in Netflix quickly, or perhaps available for the typical $3.99 rental on YouTube. 

Here is an excerpt from “Another American” on YouTube from the Kansas City Repertory Theater.

Do not confuse this film with the 2002 spoof "Don't Ask Don't Tell: Attack of the Gay Space Invaders" which from Doug Miles and Refried Pictures, which is a "transformation" of an old Peter Graves sci-film from the early 50s. That DVD is available from Netflix. 

Dec. 7:

Chapter 2 of DADT is now available at the same site.  3-11 have yet to be posted.

Sept. 30, 2012

Below is a picture of the Studio Theater on 14th St in Washington DC, near Logan Circle, where I saw Marc Wolf perform his monologue play in April 2000, during a March on Washington weekend.

Update: February 24, 2014

The complete 85 minute film is now available on Snag Films.  Wolf talks to himself, impersonating all his interviewees, in various military environments, sometimes reminding me of my own Army Basic   Not sure I follow his argument on treason at the end.

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