Thursday, September 01, 2011

"Adult" video industry in LA area shut down by HIV in actor; then, the controversy

The “adult film” industry in Los Angeles (particularly the San Fernando Valley) has been shut down (at least temporarily) after an actor tested positive for HIV; amazingly, there is a debate over the use of condoms in making such films or videos.

A similar shut down had occurred in 2004.

CBS News has a typical story here

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation, which has encouraged the mandating of the use of prophylactics, has a version here

ABC also has a story.

My own experience with seeing these films was around Times Square in the early 1970s, in older theaters, when the industry argued government would try to shut it down (and the right of adult consumers to choose to see the films).  Remember actor Harry Reems was the first actor actually prosecuted for appearing in such a film. 

Wikipedia attribution link for San Fernando Valley picture. My last time to spend a lot of time in the Valley myself was back in 1986. 

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