Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"Motherland Afghanistan": PBS Independent Lens documentary explores medical care for women in war-torn country

The PBS “Independent Lens” documentary “Motherland Afghanistan”, directed by Sedika Mojadidi (Aubin Pictures  [link], 2006, 73 min), examines the medical care available to women in Afghanistan during the “war”. Terrence Howard (“Hustle and Flow”) narrates, and much of the narrative is seen through the eyes of a surgeon Qudrat Mpjadidi, who has to bring his own soap for scrubbing down his forearms for surgery, as well as deal with bathrooms that don’t work an horrible unsanitary infrastructure. Much of his work consists of delivering babies, especially by C-section.

There is a brief episode where the doctor goes back to northern VA, but most of the film takes place in back country villages of the war-torn country.

The film is shot in basic 1.33:1 aspect, somewhat muting the visual impact of the film.

The PBS link for the film is here

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