Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"The Big Gay Musical": now available (I had missed at Reel Affirmations)

As I had related on the Oct. 24, 2009 issue on my GLBT blog, I missed the “audio” of “The Big Gay Musical” when I couldn’t get to Reel Affirmations on time after a power outage, but the film (directed by Casper Andreas and Fred M. Caruso, who also wrote most of the songs with Rick Crom) is now on DVD and available for Netflix instant replay.

The movie follows the “French Lieutenant” technique of mixing up the plot of a show (here, off-off-Broadway musical “Adam and Steve, Just the Way God Made ‘Em”) with the love lives of the actors playing in it.  Sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s “in” the musical itself.

In fact, the film opens with a spoofy “A Small Straight Play” in black and white, that inspires the musical, which takes the characters through ex-gay attempts run by the “Foundation Against Gayness Society”. So there are songs like “I will change for you” (which later gets repudiated to “I won’t change”), “I wanna be a slut”, and “America Online” (without Huffington). And there is also the pun, “I will go straight, to Heaven”.

Actually, there is some interesting theological speculation: God created angels, who live forever, before he created the Universe with its earth and life forms as we know them, where no one is immortal on this plane.
The actors, who seem rather cookie-cutter as people, have their own little affairs, with concerns over the possibility of HIV infection, and just plain old rejection (and even aversion to cuddling).  And one of them has to face evangelical parents who don’t realize, before he comes to New York, that he’s in a gay musical, let alone the fact that he is gay.

The website for the film is this

Here’s the soundtrack promo for iTunes from the film company (a different video from the other blog).

Pictures: local disco, not from film but similar

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