Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Logo short "Steam": how would you like to be trapped in the afterlife with a "best friend"?

Tonight, I was a little short of time, but I looked up the 13-minute short film “Steam” on Logo, directed by Eldar Rapaport.

Two men, attracted to one another, are in a steam room – maybe the Continental – and look a bit opposite. The more sensitive man (Julien Zeitouni) has all the visible “external trappings of a man”; the smooth man (Scott Hislop) is more assertive and says he is a writer. Clue?  Well, Julien suddenly realizes there is no way out of the steam room.  Pretty soon he has to wonder if he is there for all eternity. Could this be Heaven, or Hell, or a figment of his friend’s imagination, or the result of a horrible accident?  Or does the "waitress" have horrible plans for them?

I recall a feature called “The Steam Experiment” about a similar trap (also called "The Chaos Experiment", see April 8, 2010 on this blog.

My own screenplay for “Do Ask Do Tell” has a situation a bit like this, embedded in a story layer.  I discussed it on the “BillBoushka” blog July 10 while in New Hampshire.

Back in 1972, when I was hiking in the suburban Maryland woods, a friend said that if he was trapped forever somewhere, I would be his first choice of someone to be with. 

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