Saturday, June 18, 2011

"Soho Square": Ultra low budget British thriller with unsettling premise and end

Occasionally, we encounter some significant films reported to have been made for less than $10000, like “Primer” (Shane Caruth of Dallas).  British director Jamie Rafn made a genre detective flick in 2000 that made the Sundance Channel and Showtime, “Soho Square”.   That's SoHo in London, not Net York. As the movie opens we see an attractive man, in closeup, in a bath, smoking, not too much chest hair, and apparently down and out. When played on an iMac, the stereo effect of the British telephone ringing fairly startles, and makes the viewer wonder what just happened in his house. Pretty soon we learn that the detective  (Anthony Biggs) has taken to the bottle after losing his wife, which later, in a flashback, we learn may have been connected to childbirth. It still is risky to give birth.  In the meantime, his boss is concerned about a rash of particularly savage killings in the area, with the use of fire.  Can J. get back to work and help solve the cases. He meets a female bartender (Lucy Davenport) who motivates him. But the film then races toward an unsettling conclusion.

The soundtrack has an annoying presentation of the slow movement of Chopin's Second Piano Concerto on an out-of-tune piano. I don't get it. 

The Sundance link is here.

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