Saturday, June 11, 2011

"The Last Mountain" is Coal River Mountain, to be saved from mountaintop shaving

Bill Haney’s new documentary “The Last Mountain”, from DADA films, traces Bobby Kennedy Jr.’s battle against big coal, especially Massey, particularly to save Coal River Mountain, near the now destroyed Kayford Mountain in southern West Virginia.  The constructive plan is to populate the ridge top with a windmill farm.

Mountaintop removal can now remove or epilate almost 1000 feet from a ridge, although coal companies claim they rebuild the terrain to its approximate original shape afterwards.

In this film, “tree huggers” hike in and set up tree homes to occupy the mountain as Massey starts operations.
Almost 50% of America’s electric power comes from coal, and one third of that comes from Appalachia.

The official site for the film (and trailer) is here.

My pictures: Coal train from Wyoming in Minnesota; is there any danger to the Spruce Knob area?

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