Sunday, June 05, 2011

"Kink Crusaders": LGBT leather convention in Chicago in 2008

The film “Kink Crusaders”, directed by Mike Skiff (and Third Rail Media), documents a 2008 LGBT leather convention in Chicago, which the hotel industry bid up to get because of the enormous business.

The “contestants” included a large variety of people, including gender changes (both directions), people with disabilities, and a number of fads and fetishes.  Some, such as one man from Venezuela, seemed rather “conservative” (in terms of conventional physical fitness) by comparison. (As for the women, one is reminded of a website a few years ago called “Valkyries” dedicated to female body builders.)

One contestant was a physician from Britain who noted that the laws on accidentally transmitting infectious disease (as with devices) when seeking pleasure were still quite stringent. 

There were a few brief glimpses of rather explicit practices, as well as some more innocent stuff, such as waxing (this time, just of a back; no “40 Year Old Virgin” man-o-lantern here). 

Others described the history of the leather movement during the AIDS crisis as it unfolded in the 1980s.

The official site is here.  The tagline is "When missionary just won't do it."

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