Wednesday, June 08, 2011

BBC's Royal Wedding DVD contains featurette "William & Kate: A Royal Engagement"

The “Royal Wedding” DVD from BBC and Time-Warner discussed on my “Plays” blog today has a 50-minute “featurette” titled “William & Kate: A Royal Engagement”, directed by Sally Norris, produced by Wendy Robbins, narrated by Sophie Raworth.

But the film really is more like two separate biographies of each of the couple. The film plays particular heed to how William “pays his dues” and prepares for the responsibilities he was born in to. At 18, he goes to Chile on a volunteer project and lives in tents for three months (cleaning privies among other duties), once stranded in a storm in Patagonia for five days.  Later, he is shown on a survival exercise in the Royal Air Force.

There are also scenes at school, where he admits being behind in a required term paper.

William is serving as an RAF search and rescue pilot based in Wales, and the couple will live there.

Some of William’s friends, like Jules Knight, speak about him; Knight is most striking in his looks.

William’s rapidly increasing baldness is also apparent in the film. Early male pattern baldness seems to be a prominent gene in the royal family.

Piers Morgan appears frequently, speaking in the analytic style now commonly seen on his CNN interview program.

Catherine “commoner” background in Bucklbebury is presented in a low-key fashion, and the schools she attended are shown; they look like they could come out of some of the more pedestrian scenes in the Harry Potter movies.   The film gives some attention to her having to avoid the media.

Their courtship does seem to have been a long, low-keyed affair, stretching a decade.  By comparison, my own parents knew each other about four years before getting married (in 1940). 

Picture (mine): The Royal couple should visit the Twin Cities. 

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