Sunday, April 03, 2011

"Walking on Water": Christian film about a surfer who pays it forward

In the Christian film “Walking on Water”, based on a faith-based surfing group by that name.  Founder Bryan Jennings remembers how he was introduced to surfing by a mentor, so he “pays it forward” to two preteens (Tyler Hallen, 14, and Luke Davis, younger) by taking them surfing around the world. The locations include Hawaii, Peru (the most interesting visually, with the deserts up to the ocean and the poverty), Australia, France, and South Africa.

The DVD, distributed by Sony, was produced by WOW Entertainment, Affirm Films and director Nic McLean.  It seems to represent Sony's venture into Faith-based small films (rather like Fox Faith). 

The DVD includes two featurettes, “The Hamilton Family: A Soul Surfer Journey”, a preview of the film “Soul Surfer” about a female surfer who lost her arm to a shark attack, and “Bethany Hamilton and Friends in Indonesia.”  Soul Surfer” will be another feature available spring 2011.

The featurettes particularly express the Christian theme, that all earthly heroes can have clay feet, and that some circumstances of our lives are not for us to try to control.

The adult men in the film already look a bit sun and weather worn.  

The film calls to mind the WB/Spelling series "Summerland" (2004), where a single woman living near San Bernadino takes over raising a sister's three kids after a tragedy, including a teen played by Jesse McCartney who takes up surfing and spends most of the series in bodysuits. 

The main site for the group and film is here.

There was a somewhat similar super 16 film from Bruce Brown called “The Endless Summer” in 1966.  If Shaun White were a surfer as well as snowboarder and skateboarder, I wonder if he would appear in the film (“First Descent”).

This film should not be confused with “Walk on Water” from director Eytan Fox (2004, Samuel Goldwyn) where an Israeli intelligence agent befriends the grandson of a war criminal.


John Cap said...

This looks like a pretty cool movie. You should do a review on the new movie Lion of Judah. Its so cool that it is up for an Oscar nomination.

John Cap said...

Sorry forgot to source my information here's my source.

Bill Boushka said...

I found "Lion of Judah" as "save" on Netflix. I'll watch for it.