Thursday, April 21, 2011

"Pandemic: Facing AIDS" documents the worldwide epidemic as of 2003

The documentary “Pandemic: Facing AIDS” (2004), directed by Rory Kennedy and directed by Mike Bailey, traces the worldwide epidemic in five countries: Brazil, India, Thailand, Russia, and Uganda. 
For most of the film, it’s largely a heterosexual disease; and why this is so in the less developed world was a mystery in the early years; but surely it has a lot to do with the fact that women in the third world are more likely to have other STD’s that facilitate spread.

The Uganda section deals with heterosexual spread, and the need for fidelity; it isn’t apparent here that the anti-gay legislation before the Uganda parliament will come up.

There is a gay man in the Brazil section, who talks about the disapproval of others; his own family is not as disapproving as most others. 

The official website from Moxie Firecracker films is here.

Danny Glover and Elton John narrate.

The film was produced with HBO and the DVD carries the imprint DocuRama.

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