Wednesday, April 20, 2011

HBO's "Saving Pelican 895" aired tonight

On Wednesday,  April 20, HBO Documentary aired the 30-minute short “Saving Pelican 895”, directed by Irene Taylor Brodsky.

The film traces the veterinary  care of the 895th surviving pelican, oiled by the BP Horizon blowout disaster in April 2010. He would not be rescued until November.

He turns out to be a “teenager”, assertive enough to proclaim he is ready to fly at the end. The brown pelican is the only domestic pelican than dives.

Pelicans still able to fly after the disaster probably did better if left alone. But many like the “kid” in this film were too incapacitated to fly, and had stomach and intestinal damage from the oil. It’s miraculous that they could be treated and be brought back to health.

The facility was at Fort Jackson, LA (not S.C.)

The film title reminds me of the John Grisham thriller “The Pelican Brief”.

HBO’s official site for the film is here


Picture: Gulf near Bay St. Louis, MS, my picture, Feb. 2006.

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Anonymous said...

A lovely, touching, and ultimately triumphant movie about the Pelican Numbered 895. Hurrah for all the people who rescued, cleaned, fed, and nursed them back to their own wild lives. Oh it brings tears, ultimately of joy.