Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"The Broken": British "After Dark" thriller with a touch of "Body Snatchers"

Movies that play with levels of reality, whether you’re still alive, the intersection of parallel universes, and the like can be fun – but they need to add up to something.  The British 2008 film “The Broken” from Sean Ellis, Gaumont, After Dark and Lionsgate saves itself with rather well-delineated characters, most of all the “heroine”, a late twenty-something radiologist Gina (Lean Headey), interesting in young men and in family – as her world starts to fracture, first at house party where a mirror suddenly breaks.

Soon she sees a double of herself while driving, and winds up in a near head-on collision. Then the story line is up for grabs: how much of her confusion is from neurological amnesia, and how much from the supernatural?  We have a film that combines elements of “Jacob’s Ladder” with “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” (any remake).  Oh yes, other people are up for grabs, too.

Now it is interesting for me, to wander into a disco, spot someone, be acknowledged, and wonder if I knew the person a few years before somehow, like he could have been in my class.  Identity, it seems, is what your mind makes of it.

There are many films on imdb called “Broken”; this one has the definite article in front.

Lionsgate markets this film as part of a series of films “to die for”; legal download link here

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