Monday, February 14, 2011

Luke Matheny's earlier short film "Earano"

Luke Matheny’s earlier short film, “Earano” (2007), about 12 months, is available at the New York Magazine site, here for Part 1: 

I included the embed for Part 2. 

Luke plays Earl, a slender, "big eared" and  likeable young tutor and substitute teacher, in a library with some kids and students, seeming to need special education. He seems to have the charisma to handle the class.  But he’s interested in a librarian (Emily Young) when a “janitor” claiming to have “been a doctor” in the Ukraine arrives.  It’s based on a story by Cyrano de Bergerac.

I tried to watch it from Matheny’s site (post on Feb. 11) but the embedded Quicktime video would not load for me in either XP or 7. 

Matheny's little films seem to be getting at something:  one needs to learn "connectivity" to other people (and a sense of joy in helping them) as something separate from the ability to make one's own choices and execute them. 

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