Monday, January 17, 2011

"Zombieland" is an odd prequel to "Social Network" for Jesse Eisenberg; in a Facebook-less world, you need real people, not zombies

I could wonder if “Zombieland”, from Columbia (Ruben Fleischer, late 2009) gives us fair warning the way “28 Days Later” (and its sequel) does. Maybe a “mad cow” virus (prions) really could be casually contagious and turn our brains into strangelets by geometric reflection.

But probably what’s more interesting about this horror-comedy is its status as an “anti-Facebook” prequel to “The Social Network”.  In Zombieland, there are not enough people left for Facebook to continue. And Jessie Eisenberg, as Columbus, plays a blithe college student with mild Asperger’s, enough to have his 32 rules (displayed on the screen in big print as they are encountered) that allow him to survive with a sense of gentle superiority to average people. His character is much more likeable here than in “Social Network”, but Mark Zuckerberg is much more likeable than the character Eisenberg played.

Woody Harrelson plays another survivor (of the “Natural Born Killers” ilk), who accompanies Eieneberg across the wasteland. And here the movie is just a rondo; it has none of the gravity of “The Road” or “The Book of Eli” or the Mad Max movies from the 80s.

The movie opens with Eisenberg making a comment that a world would make no sense if it no longer had people to matter to.  Even that speaks to the “culture wars”
There’s a funny scene where Harrelson’s character finds a truck filled with twinkies, which Eisenberg says will outsurvive the roaches. So will plastics.

I recall a film in the early 1960s "chiller" series called "Zombies of Mora Tau".  This film is hardly a "chiller."

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