Thursday, November 18, 2010

John G. Young's "The Reception"

An earlier film by John G. Young, “The Reception” (80 min, from Strand Releasing) sets up a relational polygon of sorts, a miniature “Virginia Wolf”. Jeanette (Pamela Stewart), a wealthy French dame, holes up with an HIV-positive gay African-American man Martin (Wayne Lamont Sims) in upstate New York. Jeantte’s daughter Sierra (Margaret Burwit) comes with her African-American husband Andrew (Dairen Sills-Evan). But Andrew turns out to be less than fully heterosexual, too.

The part about wanting to get away from “The City” is interesting. I lived in New York myself from 1974-1978, and sometimes I had those feelings, as did others (I remember this coming up at a particular brunch at the Ninth Circle in November of 1974, just after I had moved into the City).

Strand offers this trailer on YouTube.

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