Tuesday, August 03, 2010

"Cats & Dogs": I like to see cats get equal time

Well, I guess Warner Brothers is giving equal time for cats. Well, not really, because “Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore” directed by Brad Peyton, starts out with our more social carnivore, derived from wolves, protecting worldwide secrets. But pretty soon arch enemy Kitty Galore, the hairless cat who had been dunked in a vat of depilatory (remember “40 Year Old Virgin”) is on the scene, and the canines figure out it is best to make friends with the more civilized cats.

There are people around, like a magician, and family man Shane (Chris O’Donnell), in San Francisco, not less – even if this is the SF of Vertigo.

The cat is the only animal who just shows up at the door and invites himself or herself in. In Dallas, I had a stray, Timmy, who recognized the sound of my car and would run to the apartment door and claw, trying to reach the doorknob. Then it was right for the refrigerator. Once he tried to hide my car keys.

The “Real 3-D film” is presented in standard 1.85:1. That presented an issue when WB added a 2.35:1 cartoon short “Coyote Falls” (Matthew O’Callaghan), which it presented cropped on the narrower screen (in a large Regal auditorium), even though the curtain could have been opened further. The animation showed some bungee jumping, and has a nice tunnel shot at the end (there is one in Zion National Park, which the cartoon scenery resembled).

The site for the film is here.
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