Wednesday, June 02, 2010

48 Hour Film Contest: Highly rated films from the South

I didn’t make it to a 48 Hour Film Festival showings at the AFI Silver near Washington this year, but I looked at some of the most highly rated in various cities at the repository site

Two of these films were from the Keen Group in Greensboro, NC.

JoBeth”, directed by Matt McNeil, dramatizes a teenage girl “divorcing” her father, taking the car keys, with some regret. Heather Meeks plays the lead.

Hatuchma: Silent but Deadly” is in “two parts”: “Pressure Mounts” and “The Release”. A young man, thinking about Peter Parker (with great power comes great responsibility) covets an amulet, gets a tattoo, and is captured. To escape, he needs an intestinal release of methane, and to have it lit. This was in the comedy category.

From Nashville, there was a horror film called “Yard Sale” where a young widow draws men shoppers and, well, plays like the nurse from Stephen King's Misery. She exacts Saudi justice and chops things off.

From Louisville, there was a retrospective drama “A World Lost” where a little boy views his young father (John Gearries) going back to the country where he must face he did a terrible thing to his family, for a reason.

The video was a bit grainy compared to YouTube and Netflix, and the 2.35:1 film (the Louisville film) was cropped twice. At the end of the film, the website would hesitate going from full screen on escape.

“48 Hours” is in Cannes this year.

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