Monday, May 03, 2010

"What Would You Do with Streams of Livingg Water": local church youth make environmental film for mission endowment contest

What Would You Do with Streams of Living Water?” is a short film (3 min) made by the youth at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Arlington VA. Members of the affiliated Presbyterian churches can vote on the best video in order to win a $25000 endowment fund for a mission trip. The direct link for the video is here.

The short film highlights the importance of drinkable water in many parts of the developing world, with simple visual analogies.

There are several major water projects around the world, such as “H2O Africa” which has the sponsorship of Matt Damon, with a film by James Moll, “Running the Sahara” (for sale on the site (below) but no DVD from Netflix yet). The site with all the major information is here. A related organization is “

“What You Can Do 365” presents on YouTube “Help a Child Get Clean Water” with water filter distribution trips.

The Unculture Project presents “The Gift of Clean Water” from “the YouTube community”, supported by Save the Children.

Wikipedia attribution link for a water filter design .jpg

PBS Frontline World will air a special on overseas water projects in May 2010.

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