Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"Into Temptation": film about a priest's self test made in Minneapolis

"Into Temptation", directed by Patrick Coyle, was made entirely in Minneapolis, and must be a pride and joy for IFPMSP and the Minnesota Film Board and the Mayberry awards that were given out at each year’s Academy Awards party for the Minnesota AIDS Project. The film is distributed by First Look Studios. (I lived in Minneapolis and got to know ifpmsp from 1997-2003.)

The film opens and closes with black-and-white backstory sequences that remind one of “The White Ribbon”.

A prostitute Linda Salerno (Kristin Chenoweth) wants to kill herself on her next birthday. Later we will learn about her abuse at the hands of her father, now dying in a nursing home on oxygen. A likeable Catholic priest Father John Beurlein (Jeremy Sisto) will journey into her world to try to stop her, attracting the attention of his boss and of his parishioners, making various confessions. He hugs a gay man, and has to defuse Vatican teachings. He has to forgive a mugger.

I never noticed the Minneapolis location, which is remarkable, since the city lends itself to impressive background but identifiable shots (as in “Fargo”).

The official website is here.

Picture: downtown Minneapolis from the Churchill Apartments (not in film, my picture, 2003)

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