Saturday, February 06, 2010

SyFy's "The Cursed" has an enterprising young novelist digging into a small town mystery -- homage to many other horror films

The little horror thriller “The Cursed” on the SyFy Channel, directed by Joel Bender, from TriCoast and Chain Gang Films, pays some homage to “problems” posed by some horror films of the 90s.

A young aspiring novelist Denny White (Brad Thornton) arrives in Warren County, TN, in the Cumberland foothills, to research a long history of murders and cattle mutilations connected back to the Civil War and antebellum south. Sherrif and Deputy Lloyd and Jimmy Mouldoon (played by Aussies Louis and Costas Mandylor) become suspicious of the curious newcomer, not wanting to face the deep secrets in their own family.

It seems that a golem, something ashen like a Supernatural ghost, goes around doing the bad deeds, and it share characteristics of the Jersey Devil (“The Last Broadcast” -- a great and little known flick, 1998) and the Blair Witch. "Whoever kills the demon becomes the demon."

Denny is a likeable journalistic sleuth, and I rather identified with him, having gumshoed on the road myself. There’s some Internet stuff in the script, but the style of the movie is more like that of an 80s B-movie. The Appalachian scenery is interesting, but I suspect it was shot in British Columbia. I suppose Screen Gems or Lionsgate could have picked this up for theaters.

The only major film that I recall dealing with the cattle mutilations mystery, which broke in “Oui” in the 1970s, was an MGM flick called “Endangered Species” in 1982.

The best trailer that I could find is here.

Picture (mine, 2004): Cumberland mountains, north of Chattanooga

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VSLovepink3131 said...

Omg ! I was whatching this crazy nut bag Ghost killing all these People and all their ANIMALS as well. "Ya I got so scard so bad! Shit I don't think that I can see this movie mmm YUP I CAN'T, not tonight not any night! Bull sh-- no way!