Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"Pregnancy Pact" on Lifetime

Lifetime Television, on Jan. 25, featured a somewhat sensation film, “The Pregnancy Pact”, directed by Rosemary Rodriquez, about a supposed informal agreement among about 18 teenage girls at a Glocuester, MA high school to get pregnant at the same time.

As the film starts, the school district is debating the controversy over handing out condoms while at the same time contemplating “abstinence-only” counseling. One particular girl, Sara Dougan (Madisen Beaty) seems particularly sentimental about early motherhood, while her boyfriend Jesse (Max Ehrich) seems to be getting tricked. (All she wants is to get married and have kids.) The teens seem oblivious to the long term consequences. Gradually, the media (despite the school’s attempts to fend off reporters) gets wind of the supposed “pact” of the girls to have babies at the same time. Even Anderson Cooper appears in a cameo.

At the end, there’s a confrontation between a reporter (supposedly never a mother) and the Sara’s mother, and then Sara herself brings the movie to a climax with alcohol poisoning.

Did the girls behave the way they did to protest the modern value system, pressuring them to “succeed” in the “world” first and devaluing motherhood? Interesting.

The Lifetime link for the film is here.

Here is a CBS YouTube video on the "real" incident.

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