Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"A New Birth of Freedom" shows at the Gettysburg National Military Park

The New Birth of Freedom” narrated by Morgan Freeman, is a 22 minute short film shown at the new (finished 2007) National Park Service’s National Military Park at Gettysburg, PA (link here). The film is projected on a wide, curved screen similar to Cinerama. Other players include Sam Waterston.

The film does summarize the Battle of Gettysburg, where the Union line held on a ridge and where the Confederate Army actually had end-arounded and approached from the northwest. The film did not cover Pickett’s Charge in detail.

The film also discussed slavery and the Emancipation Proclamation, in relation to the principles under which the nation was originally founded. While it covered the history of states seceding, it did not cover the constitutional or legal implications of the secession issue.

The film contained many sill photographs taken in the 1860s actually projected on the curved screen.

The film ticket also includes admission to the museum and to the relocated cyclorama, when re-opened.

The film also reminds me of the 1993 four hour epic "Gettysburg" from Ted Turner Films, distributed by New Line Cinema, directed by Robert F. Maxwell, based on Michael Shaara's novel.

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