Saturday, August 15, 2009

"The Man for Planet X" is "finally" on DVD (from 1951)

MGM (branded with United Artists, and originally made by “Mid Century Productions”) very recently “finally” released the DVD of the famous campy b&w 1951 sci-fi flick “The Man from Planet X”, all of 71 minutes, directed by Edgar Ulmer. Mostly set in Scotland, a mysterious planet approaches and threatens collision with Earth, and a spaceship with a small robotlike doe-faced humanoid lands. Perhaps its rays can turn the curious into zombies, and perhaps the planet is looking for a new home for its beings.

Of course, a rogue asteroid really might threaten Earth, but an earth-like planet making it here from another solar system with beings on it is pretty unlikely.

In the early 50s, a Saturday morning kids’ science fiction series “Space Patrol” hypothesized an Oort Cloud Planet X ten times the mass of Jupiter. Such an object would be a brown dwarf (as in ABC’s film “Impact”).

Attribution link for p.d. NASA diagram of a neutron star.

Update: Aug. 17

Look at this NatGeo video on rogue planets, or "planemos", here.

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