Saturday, February 07, 2009

"Push" is a compendium of other "heroes" genres, with an Asian flavor

The impression I got from Paul McGuigan’s “Push” was that it is a kind of Asian (eg, having extra martial arts "dance moves") “Smallville” with the very male Chris Evans as Nick Gant, the central character with “powers”. Or, perhaps, it’s more like a Hong Kong “Heroes”.

Well, but there are lot of other people around with different powers. Nick is a “mover”, but the tween Cassie (Dakota Fanning) who warns him is a “Watcher” (she can draw nice frescos). There is telekinesis (action), prediction (feeling), and “pushing” (some kind of combo). All of these powers seem to correspond to “the polarities” or personality types (like Myers-Biggs).

The story is different from other similar shows and movies. Here, the Nazis had groomed some kids for powers to change the future, and after the war, the big bad US government, complete with Unamerican Activities committees, took it over and offshored it. And now, the characters want to escape free from the government and become normal, more or less. Actually, they rather like their powers.

Hong Kong looks shabby in many scenes, and I wasn’t aware of its seedier side.

The film comes from Summit Entertainment (“Twilight”) that seems to be positioning itself as another quasi-indie studio (like Lions Gate, Overture, and Magnolia) with increasing ambition.

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