Tuesday, December 30, 2008

"Out of Many, One": Documentary film at new US Capitol Visitor's Center

E pluribus unum” is found on the Seal of the United States, and the phrase becomes the title of a 13-minute short film “Out of Many, One” in the new Visitor’s Center at the United States Capitol, link here. The HD film, shown on a large screen (ratio 1:85:1) in a new auditorium with stadium seating, traces the history of the Capitol in current and past photos. The original structure was built with largely slave labor in 1811, and was burned by the British during the War of 1812. It was repaired quickly, and construction on the Dome continued during the War Between the States, as President Lincoln believed that the continued construction would give the people confidence that the Union would continue. The film mentions the Great Compromise, which changed the paradigm for the country from a collection of separate states (freed during the Revolutionary War by “sacrifices of families”) to a republic governed under a system marked by federalism as well as representative government. The film covers some of Article I of the Constitution, as the legislative branch represents the people the most directly.


Anonymous said...

Where might I be able to view this video without taking a tour of the capitol building?

Bill Boushka said...

I'll have to check into this. Great question. There's some advantage in living in the DC area (but then, there is advantage in living in LA or NY, too).