Saturday, November 29, 2008

Logo sci-fi shorts: "Oedipe" and "Hirsute"

Logo Online has added some more intriguing sci-fi like shorts (maybe they have been there a while), but a couple are particularly notable.

One is the French short “Oedipe – [N+1]”, (also called “Oedipus – [N+1]”), directed by Eric Rognard, based on the novel by Jean-Jacques Nguyen, running 26 minutes, from Fidelite Productions. The Logo link is here. In a “Brave New World” (maybe without Aldous Huxley), a mother has her expired son’s memory downloaded into a new body, from a company called New Life. She belongs to “the Circle” which is a kind of cabal. The film opens with an attractive young man Thomas (Jalil Lespert) being “unwrapped” and scrubbed by a hospital assistant. Pretty soon he is put into a sensory deprivation tank (remember “Altered States”) and his memories come back.. He is attractive, and is allowed to keep his chest hair. We meet “Mother” (almost out of Hitchcock) and we quickly figure out that she had him ‘recycled” to make his straight. I guess this is the ultimate ex-gay horror possibility. Of course, it (Mother’s attempt to rebuild his “character”) doesn’t work. Thomas circulates in his old world, which may be virtual. He gets a hand chopped off, but, not problem, New Life can replace it. Pretty soon we get into dialogue that sounds like it came out of O’Reilly’s object-oriented programming. Thomas realizes that he is an “instantiation”, and that there are other “instances” of his “class” that have existed. The nightmarish world is a bit like Second Life.

Back in the 1990s, Omni Magazine had an article proposing that, instead of death, a rich person could have his brain downloaded onto a harddrive and live forever on a computer (unless the hard drive crashes, but I guess he could be backed up, even on an optical drive to protect him from future EMP attacks).

I suppose I can image a sci-fi horror short: one is in a dream, and cannot break the dream and wake up. One wanders a world that seems increasingly confined, like that of a model railroad set.

The alternate universe is rather like a kesperate divided into "Outer" and Inner" circles for the poor and the privileged.  The outer circles look like underground dives.
The film now appears on a Wolfe set "Boy Crush" (April 18, 2016).  Wolfe has a site for this short here.

The other interesting film is “Hirsute” by Canadian A. J. Bond, link here, from “The Siblings” and running about thirteen minutes. The link is here. The title seems deceptive at first. The film presents a young physicist, Kyle (played by Bond), having worked out a design for a time machine with all kinds of equations on a white board. He meets his "identical" twin or doppelganger, who seems to have come into existence by the logical paradox created by his time machine. But the twin looks different in one critical way: he has been shorn. (I recall those silly conversations in Army barracks: "Feel!" "He'th thmooth!") Kyle wonders what his future holds for him, psychologically and erotically at least, or if something will be done to him (as could happen in a fraternity hazing or “tribunal”). The actual machine is an egg-like device, and using it could be dangerous, even suicidal, despite the paradoxes.

YouTube has a large number of amateur videos about body hair removal, most of them silly and brief, many from cell phones. Some have catchy titles about lost manhood, and others look at "it" as optional as the facial beard. But there is one video called “Body Hairhere from “Bstnscribe” that puports to have been done for a school project.

Post Script: Dec 2, 2008

Anyone notice the "versatility" of Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps on the cover of Sports Illustrated today? It's like the second of these two films, but in reverse.

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