Friday, November 21, 2008

"In the Blood": An LGBT answer to "Twilight"?

Although theaters are hyping “Twilight,” there is another little LGBT horror film around (becoming a sub-genre isn’t it), from TLA Releasing and Superstitious films, directed and written by Lou Peterson, named “In the Blood.” Again, it’s more a horror thriller with the gay element almost secondary, if enticing.

College senior (and iron pumping jock) Cassidy Clarke (Tyler Hanes, who plays the role with a lot of gumption) is experimenting with his sexuality, even to the point of being will to pay a hustler (“Out”) for a “first experience” in the City. In fact, the two scenes with Victor (Carlos Alberto Valencia) show some real intimacy, despite the hostility at first. At the same time, he is concerned with “protecting” his younger sister Jessica (James Katharine Flynn), at a time when a campus stalker lurks. Throw in a complication: Jessica is interested in College Bowl contestant Michael (Robert Dionne), whom Cassidy “likes.” Last, and not least, Cassidy has these sudden nosebleeds, and prescient visions of horrible things happening. And Jessica has gotten bad news from a fortune teller.

It’s interesting that Cassidy is so energetic in protecting his sister when he is not even close to having a family on his own. But he keeps his head above water, and stays a likeable, “role model” type character for the movie.

There is a family secret, and the siblings may well be more than they think they are, something supernatural. The denouement of the film gets a bit choppy and hasty, though. The soundtrack by Sasha Gordon

You can watch the film at Logo Online.

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