Monday, October 06, 2008

New museum in DC offers documentary short: "The AMW Story" (America's Most Wanted) with John Walsh

The National Museum of Crime & Punishment in Washington DC (link) (near the Gallery Place Metro) offers a ten minute film downstairs by John Walsh, “The AMW Story: America’s Most Wanted.” (link. The film documents how a family tragedy inspired him to start a television show on Fox in 1981, that at first was aired on only five stations. The result was the capture of a suspect within hours. The film marches quickly through the AMW program to emphasize footage of the most recent catastrophes. There are detailed shots of the ground around 9/11 the evening of the tragedy, as never shown before, really emphasizing the “war zone” look. He shows an area in the Ninth Ward in New Orleans long before the water went down after Hurricane Katrina. Then he shows Interpol in Lyon, France and then finally a scene in Dubai (without the Burj).

The film ends with a short comic add-on if AMW “Bloopers”. Walsh had no television or media experience when he started the hit primetime program, still on Fox (related to 20th Century Fox studios).

The Museum home page has several interesting photos, including the inside of a typical jail cell, and a cadaver about to be examined in an autopsy. My stand up comic friend in Minneapolis used to say, “Stay out of jail” to everyone as he gave them coffee.

The "American's Most Wanted" is separate from the FBI's 10 Most Wanted Fugitives (including Osama bin Laden), link here.

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