Friday, April 11, 2008

Amateur filmmakers could document intractable traffic bottlenecks

Maureen Bunyan and Jay Korff of WJLA (ABC) in Washington report that Fairfax County officials are interested in receiving “home movies” – that is, digital videos – of traffic jams in northern Virginia from motorists in order to justify funding road projects. So, amateur filmmakers might get to make a real difference.

It would sound as if some videos could simply be people speaking. Videos of actual traffic could not be taken by drivers while driving (just like texting with cell phones – worse) but could be done when stopped, or by passengers in cars. The idea presumes that motorists are equipped with camera-ready cell phones or, preferably, occasionally have camcorders of better quality with them. The videos would be collected an uploaded to a special YouTube website or region.

The WJLA story is here and has a two minute video itself to watch.

Imagine a documentary filmmaker could collect the videos and make them into a little “Red Envelope” like feature.

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