Sunday, February 24, 2008

"No Country for Old Men" wins best picture at Oscars

At the 80th Academy Awards Feb. 24, 2008, at the Kodak Theater,
"No Country for Old Men" took best picture, and best direction (Joel and Ethan Coen), and best adapted screenplay (from the novel by Cormac McCarthy). This is only the Minnesota brothers' second adaptation, the other being from Homer ("O Brother, Where Art Thou?)

There Will Be Blood got best Actor (Daniel Day-Lewis) and Cinematography.

The best original screenplay was for Juno, Diablo Cody.

My own pick, Atonement, won only one award, best music score, by Dario Marianelli.

It was a bit ironic to see a deployed soldier announce the best documentary short, Freeheld, directed by Cynthia Wade, about a woman who has to fight with a New Jersey county to get pension benefits when her female partner detective with the police force dies.

"The Mozart of Pickpockets" won best live action short (discussed here Feb. 16).

Jon Stewart hosted, and cracked some brutal SNL-type jokes, like about how Hillary Clinton would like to "forget" her husband, or about how Barack Obama's rise foreshadowed a real life "Armageddon" hit at the Statue of Liberty.

The link for the winners at is here.

Of all the 80 movies that have won best picture, I think I have seen about half of them. Many of the earlier ones I still have not seen. The first such picture, "Wings" (from 1927, Paramount) is still not available on DVD, according to Netflix and is said to have some material mildly predictive of today's debate over "don't ask don't tell."

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Patrick Roberts said...

no country for old men is unassumingly clever…

dumbfounding form a moral angle, but that can be a good thing.