Wednesday, November 28, 2007

More home movies at Republican YouTube debates

The Democrats did this on July 23 (on this blog). This evening, the GOP had a debate in St. Petersburg, FL with the questions submitted from the public as "YouTube" videos. Anderson Cooper and Gov. Charlie Crist hosted. A major sponsor was Coors, which was promoting MVparents with its "asset parenting" website (claiming that every child should have at least five adult role models).

The rules included "no adult questions with children acting" and no animals talking. Most of the video clips were pretty straightforward.

The candidates were Duncan Hunter, John McCain, Ron Paul, Fred Thompson, Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, Ton Tancredo.

A lot of the questions are shown on the CNN political ticker blog here.

On gun rights, Giuliani explained his personal view that the Second Amendment defined an individual right, subject to reasonable regulation that could differ among states.

One video with a little activity was by Jay Fox, who catches a gun thrown at him. He was criticized for showing unsafe gun handling.

On the support of evangelicals, Joseph Dearing asked "Do you believe every word of this Book?" and held up a Bible. Very simple filmmaking.

Leeanne Anderson included her kids (one adopted) and asked about toy safety.

Giuliani was asked if New York had become effectively a "sanctuary city" for illegal aliens. He answered that it was much better policy to educate their kids and process complaints from them legitimately.

Retired BG Keith Kerr asked if today's soldier's were professional enough to serve with openly gay soldiers. Kerr said that he had come out at retirement after 42 years in the Reserves. All of the candidates who responded (Giuliani did not) answered that they would defer to the judgment of military officers on matters of unit cohesion. At least one, however, admitted that other countries, including Israel, had been able to lift the ban. On Nov. 29, it was disclosed that Kerr had supported one of the candidates and that had CNN known, it would not have aired his video.

David Cercone asked if the candidates welcomed the support of the Log Cabin Republicans.

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