Monday, November 12, 2007

Available Men and related shorts from Wolfe

Available Men shorts collection (Wolfe)DVD (2006)

Available Men (2005, Bates, dir. David Dean Bottrell, 15 min), In a hotel bar, two pairs of similarly named men mix each other up on a meetup. There is a cab driver trying to sell a screenplay, and another man looking for love. It’s interesting to see how the metaphors actually work. Interesting two see what you can do with four actors when they are accidentally mismatched. There is something here on how hard it is to find and agent and sell a screenplay in LA. Brian Gattas, Jack Plotnick, Richard Ruccolo, Kotas Sommer.

Straight Boys (2006, USC, dir. Dave O’Brien. 14 min). A young man deals with how to “confess” his feelings to a straight roommate, and gets a not so predictable surprise. Damian Pelliccione, Nick Bartzen

Hello Thanks.(2005, Northwest, dir, Andy Blubaugh, 8 min). The slightly built but appealing director documents his looking for love in personal ads, with the ads displayed on the screen. This is a kind of writing, almost in the sense of grant writing. “Someone who will still be there in the morning.” He says he likes words more than he likes people.

Tumbleweed Town (1999, dir. Samara Halperin, 8 min) Claymation short about a simple pickup in the “Bronco Bar” in the southwest – like the Roundup in Dallas or Remington’s in Washington.

The Underminer (dir. Todd Downing, book by Mike Albo with Virginia Hufferman, 8 min). A social encounter in a bar, taxi, moving to an art gallery, has a self-indulgent “subjective feminine” prattling to a friend about being alone. I can see how this could have been an autobiographical novel in New York.

Irene Williams: Queen of Lincoln Road (dir. Eric Smith, 23 min) is a video documentary of a friendship between a NYC gay man and a South Beach elderly lady, developed in the 90s on his trips to South Florida. A lot about the aesthetics of fashion, clothes, homes. Much of the video was shot in the 90s. She is a jack of all trades: notary public, resume doctor, and says she does term papers. Eventually her health and memory declined, and the friendship continued until she passed away in a nursing home.

Sissy French Fry (2005, Kiros, dir. J. C. Oliva, 28 min) Openly gay and flamboyant “Sissy French Fry” (Steven Mayhew, his hair bleached) is student class president at West Beach High (he has been so for three years). Conservative Rodey McDodey (Ross Thomas) opposed him, and sets up debates on many of the contentious issues, some revolving around immutability. There are open gays on the football team at this school. Slowly Sissy finds his place in the world challenged. Justin Dabuet is friend Dana Aquino. The new candidate talks of social Darwinism and “gender appropriate behavior.” Then a scandal erupts in a “film within a film.”

At Apex-DC club in Washington:

Out in Alaska (5 min): a video documentary of the gay scene in Anchorage, with plenty of sea planes and one dance bar.

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