Tuesday, August 14, 2007

On the Lot: Three Finalists

The three finalists were Jason Epperson, Will Bigham and Adam Stein.

Each contestant had to pick two films to show again as his best.

Jason picked Eternal Waters and Sweet. Jason had almost been thrown out when some people were offended by his first film "Getta Room" whose religious point (it seemed to relate to the idea of karma) I actually liked.

Will picked The Yes Men and Glass Eye.

Adam picked Dough, the Musical and Army Guy. The "Army Guy", with its shades of Henlein, finding oneself a puppet in an alternate universe and being asked repeatedly to get married, is the ultimate black comedy.

Carrie liked Will the best, and Garry liked Jason. Adam's choice of material is the closest to what I might have done if I were a contestant.

For some reason, the Voting Window on TheLot.com would not open after 9 PM on the East Coast, at least not for me. It kept saying "Your voting window is not currently open. Please come back during your scheduled time following the telecast in your area each week to vote!" but this supposed to be the first two hours after the show airs in the same time zone.

One of the commercials, for levi.com, showed an attractive male model getting dressed mechanically among the mayhem around him, rather like a Coca Cola (or Pepsi) ad.

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